All Ceramic Crowns

Chicago Dental Laboratory

  • Zirconia
  • Full Zirconia
  • EZ Max
  • e-max(Press)/Inlay/Onlay
  • e-max(CAD)
  • Empress Crown
  • Empress Veneer
  • Lava Zirconia
  • Procera Crown
  • Composite Inlay/Onlay

Our focus in innovation and promise to deliver only premium quality restorations had led us to create our own brand of CAD/CAM zirconia restorations – Zirconia-fabricated using Origin Intelligence Scan, Exxo CAD design, and Origin Milling Technology, one of the top dental CAD/CAM systems in the world.

We scan the conventional stone models and digital files are created. Our technicians in CAD/CAM department delicately design a suitable framework. Based on accurate digital information, the crown or bridge substructures are manufactured with industrial precision in our Milling Center.


High strength, high esthetic glass-ceramic ingot for Press technique

The PRESS technique has been established itself as a state-of-the-art processing method over the past 19 years, becoming synonymous with esthetic and accurately fitting all-ceramic restorations.

IPS e.max PRESS new biocompatible lithium disilicate glass-ceramic ingots. They offer the fit, form and function which is expected from pressed ceramics. In addition, they offer improved flexural strength(400 MPa).

The esthetic properties have been optimized. Creating all-ceramic restorations have been simplified and they offer true-to-nature properties never before possible.

IPS e.max CAD

High strength, high esthetic glass-ceramic for CAD/CAM technique

How you can get closer to the future? By creating it !
IPS e.max CAD unites modern processing technology with a high performance material. lithium disilicate glass-ceramic is manufactured through innovative technological process that is unique in the dental technology.

The glass-ceramic is processed in a crystalline intermediate phase. In this “soft” state, the material exhibits its unusual “bluish” color and strength of approximately 160 MPa.

In this “blus” phase, the restorations can be manually adjusted or cut-back in a fast and efficient fashion. IPS e.max CAD acquires its final strength of 360 MPa, as well as the desired esthetic characteristics, such as tooth color, translucency and brightness during simple and quick crystallization process at 850 degree celsius. Subsequently, the crown can be stained and glazed or veneered with IPS e.max Ceram.