Chicago Dental Laboratory

Have you ever received poorly prepped, designed, and/or improperly built up crowns even if you asked to produce-perfect restorations?

We created a new mission that takes care of most doctors’ technical concerns, and are now pleased to announce a brand new restoration system.

Introducing BeautyFit ™, the new restoration system of perfection. It creates not only beautiful aesthetics but also perfect fit and superior quality as well. The BeautyFit ™ restoration system will eliminate the following common problems you may encounter from typical restorative products:

  • Poorly prepared crowns that may result in open/short margin, and ill-fitting
  • Wrongly designed crowns that are not functionally fit
  • Low quality aesthetics without natural looking appearance

It’s time to change to the new high-quality restoration and get perfect smiles. Let BeautyFit ™ be your versatile dental solution partners!