Full Cast Crowns

Chicago Dental Laboratory

  • Full Gold Crown
  • Gold Inlay/Onlay
  • Full Metal Crown
  • Metal Inlay/Onlay
  • Cast Post & Core

Non-Precious and Semi-Precious full cast restoration continue to be the preferred choice for many clinicians due to its longevity, functional success, and biocompatibility. We check on solid models for all cast crowns to ensure fast seating contacts. The occlusion is set to your bite registration, and always checked for a two-tape thickness. Non-Precious and Semi-Precious alloy are for full cast crowns, bridges, inlays, or onlays.

Gold is simple. It’s predictable and beautiful. It is suitable to opposing dentition and biocompatible with patient’s soft tissue which eliminates sensitivity and allergic reaction.
Argen 60% of gold are high noble gold services for full cast crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. It meets ADA specifications for high noble alloys.