Guided Surgical Solutions

Chicago Dental Laboratory

What is guided surgery?

Guided surgery allows doctors to virtually diagnose patients using Computed Tomography (CT) and directly plan cases by utilizing 3D images. Doctors are able to accurately transfer those virtual plans to the patient’s mouth using a surgical guide made from 3D printing or milling technology.

Annually, 135,000 implant cases are performed utilizing computer guided surgery.


  • Safe
  • Accurate
  • Predictable
  • Higher Success Rate
  • Minimally invasive
  • Less Chair Time
  • Faster patient recovery time

Use our 3D imaging Dental Implant

  • Optimize treatment planning and placement
  • Locate critical anatomy
  • Determine if bone grafting or sinus lift is warranted
  • Select suitable implant size and type
  • Optimize locations and angulations
  • Relate your plan to the prosthetic solutions
  • Fabricate treatment plan-based surgical guides