Chicago Dental Laboratory

Onlays and inlays, or partial crowns, serve specific purposes. They are a dental composite that partially covers teeth that have decay or damage on the cusp and the biting surface. When a cavity is too big to fill, an onlay or inlay can be used to strengthen the tooth, protect the decaying area and fill in the space between the cusps. While a well-made and fitted onlay or inlay preserves tooth structure, they can be difficult to get just right.

That is why partnering with the right dental lab is critical to patient care. Each onlay or inlay must fit a specific and tiny area, otherwise, patients spend more time in the chair as dentists work to make the onlay or inlay fit.

Having an onlay or inlay that is a perfect fit makes for an easy dental procedure that leaves your patients satisfied. Ward Dental Laboratory has the expertise, tools, and processes to ensure your patients get onlays or inlays that fit and match their teeth every time. This means, as a Dr., you can reduce their chair time and have patients leave your office smiling.

We understand that patients can be demanding. Whether it’s quick turn-around times or spending as little time in your chair as possible, meeting their requests and having them leave your practice smiling is no simple task.

The knowledgeable team at Ward Dental Laboratory works to solve these problems with you. We have the tools, expertise, and capability to help you create onlays and inlays that fit perfectly, are easy to place, and are fabricated and delivered quickly.

Using cutting-edge technology and processes, we can deliver custom onlays or inlays in any material and color to suit your patient’s needs.