Removable Prosthetics

Chicago Dental Laboratory


We place a high priority on providing comfortable, durable, and natural dental products, and our denture offering is no exception. Our nationally renowned line of premium acrylic dentures provides the ultimate in durability and client comfort. Our proprietary technology matches color and translucency for a seamless appearance and tailored fit. Your patients will receive comfortable, long-lasting dentures that will require minimal chairside maintenance or adjustments.

Our premium dentures feature resilient acrylic replicas, customized to precisely match the shade and translucency of natural dentition. Our molds can withstand years of wear while maintaining optimum comfort. We use the highest-grade acrylic, which we polymerize using precision pressure and temperature-controlled equipment. Utilizing these techniques helps reduce remakes and improves the fit of the dentures for your patient.


Your patients’ oral health depends on the quality of their dental prosthetics. That is important when a patient needs a partial denture framework to replace some of their teeth.  Wand Dental Lab is dedicated to fabricating and providing high-quality partial frameworks for dentists, surgeons, and dental labs across the United States.

We put a lot of work into providing comfortable, durable, and comfortable dental products, and that can be seen in each of our partial frameworks.

Our state-of-the-art lab and expertise let us match color and translucency for a seamless appearance and perfect fit. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your patients will get comfortable, long-lasting partial frameworks with minimal chairside maintenance and adjustment.

Having partial dentures that look and feel natural is critical. Removable partial dentures or frameworks are made of artificial teeth attached to a gum or mouth-colored base made from a number of materials. Depending on your patient’s needs, these prosthetics use metal clasps that attach to healthy teeth or they employ precision life-like attachments.

Wand Dental Laboratory offers a wide range of tooth shapes, colors, and translucencies, so you can choose what is right for your patients. We also offer partial dentures to meet your patient’s budget. Whether it’s a metal or polymer partial framework, we design their solution using CAD/CAM and fabricate them quickly to ensure your patients leave your office quickly and with a full smile.